Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill, 20 Min HIIT – Cross Trainer (7’s Yellow)

I’ve had a very slack couple of days. Did absolutely nothing on Sunday or yesterday apart from some gardening, lawn mowing and general house cleaning.

I had many opportunities to get out there and do something, but I’ve gone into a bit of a slump, mainly about my weight and lack of ability to lose any. I just seem to be stuck on the same weight, which is about 5kg more than it was 6 months ago.

Of course instead of looking at my diet and exercise in more detail and trying to put together something that will help me, I decide not to do any exercise and eat pretty crap food instead 🙄

On a good note, I’ve definitely signed up for the Boot Camp. And the only reason that happened was because the lady at Fernwood rang me again to confirm that I was definitely going to come along. I just kept putting off going into the gym to pay the money, not because I didn’t want to pay, but more because then I’d actually have to do it, which means committing to 8 weeks of having to be there twice a week come hail or shine (and knowing my luck it will probably rain too!!).

My bed is calling me….sweet dreams!

PS: Just for Stu….Chocolate, Champers, Chocolate, Champers…..YUMMMM!! 🙂