Exercise: 8.1km Run/Walk – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

So alot more running than walking this morning. I was out there by 6.30am, meeting Michelle at our favourite place. It was a beautiful, peaceful morning, although it was still really cold.

My calves and shins are now pretty much totally better, although I’m having a few small niggles in the hammys, but I think that might be because I used the Ski Machine thingy at the gym on Thursday night and it mainly works the hammys and quads. I will make sure to stretch the hammys properly and regularly though. I really don’t want any more injuries, that’s for sure.

I’m a little bit concerned. Everyone else who entered the Melbourne Marathon and 1/2 Marathon is talking about receiving their race numbers in the mail. I haven’t received mine yet though 😦 I’m hoping that it’s because I’ve changed from the 1/2 Marathon to the 10km run and they haven’t yet sent out those race numbers…..is anyone else doing the 10km and have they received their race number yet???

Okay, gotta go, lots of things to do around the house.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum this is an absolute nightmare!”