Exercise: 7km Run/Walk – MMCT (7’s Blue)

Yes another 7km run this morning. That’s 2 days running in a row now 😳

It was even colder this morning than yesterday morning too. How is it that the mornings before I start running outside have been really mild and yet the only 2 days I’ve run outside this winter and it’s been frigging freezing 🙄 I did all the right things yesterday after my run i.e. icing and rubbing Comfrey cream into my shins and I have to say that they didn’t feel sore at all this morning while I was running. My hammys, however, are another matter. They felt a little bit tight but as soon as I remembered to squeeze the butt and engage the core, the hammy soreness did tend to ease a little bit…..how about that hey!!!

The tennis ball is getting a good working out today, alternating between the butt and the hammys. I’m off to see CV again on Monday evening so am hoping that she’ll be able to do some small repairs to the hammys 🙂

I love living so close to work. I went home at lunch time today and was able to chuck a load of washing in and get it out on the line too. While it was doing it’s thing I also managed to do a few of the things I’ve been putting off for a while like putting all the ironing away that I did last week and also putting away all the smalls that came in off the line last week. Now there’s just a load more ironing to do 😦

I planted some Boronia plants near the front door last year and they smell absolutely gorgeous right now. Every time I walk in or out of the front door, I get a huge whiff of Boronia 🙂 I might go and buy some more and plant them in the back yard too.

And while we’re speaking of plants, what’s with the lack of rain 😦 We were doing so well with the water storage and all of a sudden it’s come to an almightly stop. Please Mr Rainman, make it rain again (but only at night).

Alana’s Quote: “Mum, now look what you’ve done, my concentration’s all gone!!”