Exercise: 25 Min Cross Trainer, 15 Min Run/Walk Treadmill, 10 Min Ski Machine Thingy, Situps (6’s)

I had an opportunity to go to the gym tonight so I grabbed it (very unlike me!!). I was considering doing a Body Attack class, but having run this morning, thought this might not be the best idea I’ve ever had 🙄

Instead I did a HIIT session on the cross trainer, embarassing myself to the max when my water bottle fell to the floor due to my exertion, making a ton of noise as it hit the cross trainer and spraying water everywhere 😳

Wasn’t sure if I should use the treadmill, but thought it might be okay just to keep the legs ticking over. I ran really slowly (honest!!) and did a warm up and cool down walk too. I only ran for 10 minutes – okay it was a continuous 10 minutes, but if I don’t start building up my run times then I’m never going to be able to run 10km continuously by October 😯

Okay, I’m now hooked on So You Think You Can Dance. If you don’t want to see who wins, don’t click on the link!! My Dad is very kindly downloading the entire series for me but until he’s finished doing that I’m watching the shows each week. Last night was excellent. Wish I could dance like that!!

I have been reading a fantastic blog which has inspired me to want to do something very much outside my comfort zone. Okay, are you all sitting down!! I want to hike from Melbourne to Sydney. Not along the roads though, over the mountains. Yes I know it’s a crazy thing to do, but for some reason it just really appeals to me. Anyone else interested?? Come on, someone must be as crazy as me for wanting to do this….surely!! 🙂