Exercise: 1 Hr Walk/Run – Treadmill (7’s Blue)

I didn’t get the opportunity to go to the gym this morning (all the usual excuses), so when I got home from work I went and changed into my gym gear straight away. I then got tea organised etc etc. When Hubby came home I went straight out.

Normally I would procrastinate for a while and find other things to do, then I would make excuses that I was too tired, or it was getting too late, or there was something on the TV that I wanted to watch. Not tonight though. I knew that I could watch Australian Idol at the gym as they have the treadmills with individual TV’s in them.

It was fairly busy but not too busy that I couldn’t get on a treadmill straight away. Wasn’t sure how long I wanted to run for so just played it by ear. I warmed up first by doing 5 mins of walking. Stopped and had a stretch and then ramped it up to 9kph 🙄

I was just going to do 6 min run and 2 min walk but thought I’d try for 10 min run and 2min walk. It felt good, infact it felt very good 🙂 I did this for a while and then I eased it back to 6 min run and 2 min walk. I am so pleased that I can actually still run for a decent period of time, okay I’m going to have to start cutting out some of the walking soon if I want to get to my goal of being able to run for 10km without any walk breaks, but it’s a start, and I’ve still got 5 weeks to get there, all being well.

I bought a packet of the new snacks that they’re advertising on TV. They’re called Pitos Pita Chips I tried the Tzatziki flavour, which were okay. Might try the smokehouse ones next. I got them in Safeway, but they weren’t cheap at $3.99 per packet.

Alana’s Quote: “You go and have a good time now, but just mind your calf!” (Yes Mum!!)