OMG, we’re nearly into September already….how frightenting that the year has just flown by 😯

I’ve not done any kind of exercise for the last couple of days. My excuse this morning was just plain tiredness. Alana decided that she wanted to come and jump into our bed at 3.30 this morning as she was scared of the wind. Now I don’t mind her getting into our bed, but when I then can’t get back to sleep because of the wind and the fact that she is a bit of a mover and a shaker in the bed then I get grumpy. When the alarm went off at 5.45am I turned it off and it was only then that I went back to sleep 🙄

Yesterday I didn’t even bother setting the alarm. I knew when I went to bed that I wanted to have a sleep in so decided that it would be my rest day.

My shins are feeling a bit better today. I’ve been trying to remember to ice and then rub the Comfrey cream in and have been fairly successful, but not really diligent enough. Will try a light run on the treadmill in the morning and see how they feel.

I decided to sign up for the Bootcamp. It doesn’t start until the beginning of October so hopefully I’ll be fully recovered by then (thanks for your concern though JoJo 🙂 )

Talking of wind, I was sure that our huge gum tree in the back yard was going to fall down last night as the wind was just howling. I did manage to sleep through most of it until Alana woke me up though!!

This tree lost a few branches though:

And here’s another lovely sunset from Monday night: