Exercise: 30 Min Walk – Treadmill, 10 Minute Ski Machine Thingy!!, Situps

Whenever Hubby is out playing squash of an evening I tend to stay up later than normal, mainly wiling the time away on the computer, so of course this means that I get to bed late and then don’t really feel like getting up to go to the gym in the morning 🙄

This morning was no exception, however I was eager for another run on the treadmill, and even though I turned the alarm off before it was supposed to go off, and had every intention of going back to sleep, I got out of bed instead (mainly ‘cos I had to go to the loo!!).

I knew as soon as I started walking on the treadmill to warm up, that I wasn’t going to be able to run, as my shins started to hurt. Not good 😦 Might have to cut back on the running for a little while, well, at least until these shins stop hurting!!

Now is anyone else addicted to Facebook? I’m really having alot of fun with it and I’ve found tons of old work friends through it as well. And the best bit is playing Scrabble, so if anyone is on and you want to add me as your friend, just send me a PM or an email with your name and I’ll see if I can find you. And I’m always up for a game of Scrabble 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Oh that’s devastating!”