Exercise: 15 Min HIIT Session – Crosstrainer, Circuit, Abs

I really, really wanted to run on the treadmill again this morning, but the physio had advised that I should have a day’s break inbetween running and do something different, so the cross trainer called to me instead.

I wanted to do a longer circuit but I ran out of energy really quickly. Looking back on last night’s dinner, I ate enough to give me enough fuel to get through a workout, but it just wasn’t happening. I jumped on the spin bike and cranked the tension up a bit, but I didn’t even have enough energy to do more than 5 minutes, and hopped off after that 😳

At least the stomach muscles got a good workout, although I couldn’t even get a 60 second plank done today 😦

Went and saw the physio this afternoon so he could check on the calf now that I’ve started running. Am happy to report that he’s given me the thumbs up and reckons it’s pretty much healed now, but I still need to build up my distance and speed slowly (I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before 😉 ). He did suggest varying my training though and not doing the same thing 2 days in a row. I will happily oblige knowing that I can run again 🙂

A question for you all (especially Kathy as she attends Fernwood too). They are advertising a “Miss Military Bootcamp” at the beginning of October for 8 weeks, twice a week. It’ll be at the footy oval across the road from the gym, and there are two sessions, one at 6am and another at 6.30pm, which gives people the choice of when they can make it. The only thing stopping me from signing up is that it’s going to cost $15 per session, which means that if I sign up for the full 8 weeks, at 2 sessions per week, I’m going to have to fork out $240. Is it excessive to charge this on top of the $40 a fortnight that I already pay for memebership? Should it not already be included as an additional part of the membership? What do you all think?

Alana’s Quote: “Yes but I’m already competent at doing that!” 😯