Exercise: 45 min Run/Walk – Treadmill (7’s Blue)

My calf is feeling really good now. There’s no niggles whatsoever 🙂

I felt good running on the treadmill and probably could have carried on for a while longer but I thought I’d try and not push it too hard for the next week or so.

Unfortunately my shins are still a little tender, and pushing on them is quite painful 😦

I went and saw CV at lunchtime today and they are now feeling much better. I’m sure I could hear her whispering “shin splints, shin splints”, although she didn’t say it out loud!! I will try and remember to ice them tonight and tomorrow morning before I go to work, although I barely have enough time to do everything that has to be done before work, but I’ll just have to make time somehow. May just need to take the ice stick to work with me and do it there. 🙂

Now most anyone who knows me, knows that I have a pretty good appetite when it comes to food and rarely leave anything on my plate. However I’ve been done over by a Chicken Ceaser Salad. I went to Daiseys on Friday night and the Chicken Ceaser Salad that I ordered wasn’t so much massive (although it was in a very big bowl) but it was absolutely chocabloc full of bacon, parmesan cheese and croutons, along with the chicken and lettuce. I will be going back there soon for another one, it was that good 🙂

I am a very proud mother right now. Alana is reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’m not sure if I was reading at this level when I was her age but it puts a big smile on my face to see her sitting there with this huge book in front of her. She has also picked up the recorder very quickly and knows all the notes without having to look at the page 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Mum, what’s a soul?” (try answering that one!!)