I’m allowed to run 🙂 🙂 🙂

I went to the Physio this morning and he had a bit of a feel of the calf then decided it was time to try a light jog on the treadmill after some calf raises and 5 minutes of walking warm up. And the didn’t hurt at all once I was running.

The Physio had left me in their rehab room with all the equipment and told me to do all the stuff above, then come back into the main room once I’d finished. I was so tempted to keep on running after the 5 minutes was up as it felt great, but then thought that I’d better not push it otherwise I might just do damage again.

He then hooked me up to this machine that has 4 cups attached and stuck them on my calf. I nearly hit the roof when he turned the machine on. It felt like tiny bolts of lightning were being frazzled into my calf. Seems that it makes the nerves do all sorts of weird things and makes the muscle work without doing anything. I had to leave it on for 10 minutes and it actually didn’t feel too bad after a little while, in fact I almost dozed off while he went to finish up with another patient.

Okay, so I’m allowed to run in 5 minute intervals – actually he told me I had to shuffle more than run. Nothing too hard, but also not too slow that it doesn’t feel comfortable. So tomorrow I’m on that treadmill at 6am 🙂 🙂

Now I have to ask – is it normal for a Physio to be seeing 3 patients at once? As I walked into the main room (which has about 6 beds in various places, some with curtains and some without) he was already seeing a lady who looked like she had some device on her leg. So he then does the feely bit with me and sends me over to the Rehab area. Then when I walk back into the main room once I’m finished on the treadmill, the lady with the bung leg is sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for him it looks like, and he’s talking to another person in another cubicle. So I have to wait for him to finish chatting, which takes at least 15 minutes, as does the lady!! Just seems a bit much to me!

I had yesterday off work as Alana was full of cold and really needed to be at home, not infecting everyone else at school. This gave me the opportunity to have a bit of a spring clean. I managed to get the lawns mowed, did a bit of gardening, got all the washing out on the line, dried and brought back in again. Even managed to put it all away apart from the stuff that needs ironing, and I chucked the vacuum cleaner around the house too. I actually felt like I’d had a very productive day for a change 🙂

Now all I need to do is put some stuff on Ebay, which I took photos of yesterday but didn’t get time to upload, and do all the ironing that I created from washing all the clothes. It’s nice to look forward to a weekend without having to clean and wash and iron 🙂