Exercise: 45 Mins Power Walk – Treadmill, Core Work

Okay, I’ve just had a huge realisation….they’ve taken Chocettes off the shelves 😯 They’ve also taken them off the Cadbury Website. Why would they stop making them? They are one of the best chocolates, if you have to eat chocolate 😦

I ended up going to bed at 9pm last night. I did try to read for a while, but fell asleep while reading 😳 I got woken up about 45 mins later by an urgent phone call, so didn’t get back to bed for another hour. Of course when the alarm went off at 5.45am I was not getting up for anything. However, 5 minutes later I hadn’t fallen back to sleep, so instead of just laying in bed watching the clock, got up and went to the gym. I even surprised myself by going 🙂

My plank was a 60 second one this morning 🙂

Saw an article about the Yarra Ranges shire extending the Warburton Trail to Healesville. It’ll be called the Yarra Valley Rail Trail How cool will this trail be if it does go ahead.