Exercise: 34km Bike Ride – Bellarine Rail Trail

Ah yes, hasn’t this event come around quickly. It only seems like last week that I did the same ride with Michelle who was running the 34km. How time flies when you’re having fun.

Eat Em picked me up at 5.30am, which meant that my alarm went off at 5am 😯 To say that I was half awake was an understatement. My bike fitted in Eat Em’s car very nicely though. Just needed to take the front wheel off. Tiger Boy met us at my place and then we went over to Michelles and picked her up too.

A word of advice – do not EVER buy coffee from McDonalds drive thru, you know that Pronto stuff – YUK!! How they can call it Latte is a joke. It tasted disgusting – Bleugh!!

Made it down to Geelong with time to wander over to the toilets in the showgrounds. I must make it a priorty to come down to Geelong one Sunday so that we can browse through the market. There were some real bargains to be had. Celeste I thought of you when I saw one of those Balaklavas that the bandits wear when they’re holding up a place – you know the ones where there are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth 🙂 And at $4 I thought it was a real steal (get it!!)

It certainly wasn’t as cold this year as it was last year and there seemed to be alot more people too.

The trail was quite dry, with just a few puddles in places. Michelle, as usual, did really well and ran the 34km in 3 hr 26min. And for anyone who hasn’t done the trail, the toilets are at 16km, not 13km 😳 Needless to say, Michelle’s splits were a bit quicker between 12 and 16km 😳

This is where you get a first glimpse of the ocean

And we were just in time to see one of the steam trains coming out of Queenscliff station

I really enjoyed myself today, and it was wonderful to catch up with Chilliman, Sam and Steve. I am very tired now though as I didn’t go to bed as early as I’d hoped last night and my lack of sleep is catching up with me. I’ll just watch Austalian Idol and then toodle off to bed!!