Kathy tagged me…

Jobs I’ve Held: Receptionist, Telex Operator, Purchasing Officer, Customer Service Manager, Administrator (many varying roles), PA

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over: Meet Joe Black, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones Diary The Big Blue

My Guilty Pleasures: Expensive Perfume, Trainers, Wasting the day reading a whole book!

Places I have lived (in order): Nowrich UK, Ipswich UK, Clayton, Croydon, Kilsyth, Wantirna, Rowville, Chirnside Park, Bayswater, Lilydale, Redland Bay, Oxenford, Carrara, Tuggeranong, East Ringwood, Reading UK, Godalming UK, Woking UK, Guildford UK, Bisley UK, Kilsyth, North Croydon (phew, what a little wanderer I’ve been!!)

Shows I enjoy: Big Brother, Ugly Betty, Australian Idol, Border Security, Top Gear, Biggest Loser, Getaway and other travel shows

Places I Have Been on Holiday: Queenstown NZ, Nice, Frejus, Paris, Ibiza, Alicante, Avignon, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Blackpool, Noosa, Echuca, Sydney, Gold Coast, Phillip Island, Wilsons Prom, Adelaide, Eildon,

Favorite Foods: Roast Potatoes, Chocolate, Hawaiian Pizza, Kettle Chips, (I could carry on!!)

Websites I Visit Daily: Ausrun Forum, Bloglines, everyone’s blogs, BOM

Body Parts I Have Injured: Hip, Knee, Calf (never broken a bone…yet!!)

Awards I’ve Won: Karate trophies, swimming awards, Netball trophies

Nicknames You’ve Been Called: JK, JB, JJ, J