Exercise: 30 Mins Walk, Undulating Course – Treadmill, 15 Mins HIIT – Bike, Core

How cold was it this morning 😯 I had to scrape ice off the windscreen, which I haven’t had to do for ages. I’d sort of got into a false sense of security that all the cold mornings had finished now until next winter. WRONG!!

There were still plenty of people at the gym even though it was freezing, mainly all the diehards who are there every morning. It did amuse me to see them all huddled outside the main entrance waiting for the doors to be unlocked though. I don’t understand why they don’t just sit in their warm cars until they can walk straight in without having to queue outside 🙄 Is there some stigma with being the first in line??

The fog wasn’t too bad at 6am, but when I came out of the gym at 7am it had descended on us and it was pretty murky. This photo was taken at 9am, just as the fog was starting to clear. You can probably tell that where I live is in a little gully and we cop the fog pretty bad, even when all the fog in the surrounding areas has cleared.

Alana wanted to wear some of my perfume to school today. My girlfriend gave me a bottle of John Paul Gautier recently, which is a very strong smell, quite overpowering even!! I’d put a little bit on Alana yesterday and she’d asked this morning if she could wear it again, which I’d said was okay. She decided that she could spray it herself, and I walked into the bathroom to find that she’d completely doused herself in it, and the whole house ended up smelling very pretty 🙂 I just hope that nobody is allergic to perfume in her classroom!!