Exercise: 20 Mins Cross Trainer, 15 Mins Skipping, 5 Mins Stepper, Core work

I didn’t really have a clear picture in my mind this morning of what I really wanted to do when I got to the gym, so I just played it by ear. I could have done a spin class. This class I enjoy. The instructor is firm, but fair, so you don’t feel guilty if you aren’t going flat out. This class is always busy and I really didn’t feel like squashing into a room with 15 other women, so decided to do lots of calf work.

The cross trainer I did while on tip toes. I could really feel my calves burning. The skipping I did on my toes, along with some fast skipping. I was so pleased that I could do 15 minutes without dying a sweaty death. I stopped a couple of times to stretch my calf and have a drink, but tried to keep the stopping to a minimum so that I kept the heart rate up. I then jumped on the stepper and did a solid 5 minute step. I had it on level 12, which meant that I couldn’t slacken off at all or else I’d just end up at the bottom of the step 😳 5 minutes was more than enough to feel the burn in the calves!!

I’m trying to incorporate planks into all of my gym sessions as these have an immediate effect on my core. I know that Em can do them for 90 seconds non stop, so that’s my goal. I’m not there yet, in fact I’ve got a fair way to go before I achieve 90 seconds continuously, but I’m working on it.

Had an appointment at the Physio this morning, before work. As my normal girlie was on holiday I saw a different person. This guy was just fantastic, even if he could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Being a runner, rogainer, rock climber etc. himself, he was really experienced and knew exactly the spot that I’d torn my calf as he’s had the same injury. He was much better at the massage too, not nearly as painful as the girlie, and I came away feeling much better about everything, even if he did think that I’m not up to running yet 😦 At least I can continue doing everything that I’m already doing, and he wants me to add more hills too when I’m walking 😯

I’m thinking that I may have to actually consider not entering any events at the Melbourne Marathon as there are only 8 weeks left before the event and I haven’t even started back running yet. I’ll see what happens over the next couple of weeks and then make a decision 😦