Exercise: Pilates Class

Even though I don’t think much of the instructor, I really enjoyed this class. There were a few moments though when it showed my previous lack of participation in this class when we were instructed to grab a fitball. I really haven’t done much work with the fitball, apart from the normal situps laying on the ball, so when we were instructed to do push ups with our feet on the ball, I was all over the place as I have never done this exercise. It did give me a giggle though. And when we had to lay on our backs, put our bums up in the air and then lift each leg alternatively, while balancing our heels on the ball, well you needed to have been there to see what a laugh I must have given the instructor 😳 That ball had a life of its own, honestly!! Note to self: practice at home!!

I took these photos last night. The clouds and the sunset mixed together were just amazing!!