Exercise: 30 Mins Power Walk – Treadmill, 15 Mins HIIT Cross Trainer

Just a quickie today, as I’m almost ready to go home.

Nearly didn’t make it to the gym this morning as I was reading my book until quite late. I’m trying to finish the one I’m currently reading so that I can get stuck into the new Harry Potter one that I’ve borrowed from a friend. Anyway when the alarm went off my first instinct was to turn over and go back to sleep but then I laid in bed for a minute mulling over why I should go to the gym compared to why I shouldn’t. I soon got out of bed 😳

Have been recommended a product called Comfrey cream. It’s available in Health food shops. Went at lunch time and picked some up. It states that it encourages healing of broken bones!! Wasn’t too expensive as far as creams go ($9.95). Let’s see how good it is. I’ll do as they say and apply twice a day.

Okay, gotta go. Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to all who are running the City to Surf in Sydney 🙂