Exercise: Circuit, 10 Mins Spin Bike

There are lots of different classes that I can attend at the gym, but unfortunately they don’t have a circuit class, and I lurve doing circuit classes. So last night I wrote down a nice little circuit that I could do at the gym this morning in the Aerobics room. The Aerobics room only has classes on a Wednesday and Friday morning so there was nobody in there.

I used a Step, a skipping rope and some hand weights and did 3 sets of 30 second reps of the follwoing exercises:

Triceps Dips
Star jumps
Good Mornings (with 3kg weights)
Step Ups
Running leg extensions

I stopped after each circuit and stretched my calf out as it was feeling a little bit tight. It’s amazing how unfit I felt while doing the circuit. I sounded like I was about to keel over as I was gasping for breath. I think it was the continuous lunges and the continuous squats, which I did plyometrically (is that a word?) that caused me the most exhaustion, followed closely by the Burpees. Once again the skipping was the most enjoyable part of the whole circuit.

I may put a suggestion into the suggestion box at the gym to see if would consider including a circuit class in the timetable. I’m sure there would be alot of interest from the ladies there. I suppose they just need to able to find someone to actually run the class 🙄

I followed up the circuit with 10 minutes on the spin bike. I alternated between standing up with resistance and sitting down while free wheeling. Felt a little bit nauseous at the end but that was probably because I hadn’t eaten anything before I went to the gym and also because I pushed myself pretty hard!!

Did anyone watch the Hoddle Street special on the TV last night? How awful was that!! Do you know that I can’t even remember where I was when it happened. I’m pretty sure I was still in Melbourne but have no idea whereabouts, and I don’t even really remember it happening either 😳 I think I may have been in my own little inebriated world around that time 😦