Exercise: 1 hr Power Walk (6.1km) – MMCT (7’s Yellow)
Gym – Shoulders, Back, Core

Met Michelle at 6am for a power walk. Of course it had to start raining just as I walked out the door didn’t it 🙄

I really, really wanted to do some running. I didn’t though 😦 It was great to actually be able to chat with Michelle in person. I haven’t really seen too much of her over the last couple of weeks, so we had tons to catch up on. There was nobody else on the trail at all, and because I’ve got out of the habit of getting all my gear together for running in the dark, I forgot my gloves and my light, so we had to keep dodging puddles and it took a while for my hands to warm up.

Went to the gym at lunch time too. It was really quiet, which I love. Unfortunately I forgot my hairband and it kept getting in the way. Grrr…

Still haven’t got my proper membership card yet. Every time I walk into the gym, whoever is on the desk checks the box with all the new cards in it, and when they can’t find it, tells me that they are going to order a new one for me. I’m sure I’ll walk in one day soon and there’ll be 10 cards there for me 😯 In the meantime my little temporary card keeps getting tattier and tattier!!