Exercise: Strength Circuit (Spin Bike, Skipping, Continuous Lunges, Continuous Squats) 10 Mins Cross Trainer (on tip toes)

I am determined to get this calf strong enough to run again. I’m trying to do all the exercises that I’ve been given, and also remember to stretch the calf often. It just takes up so much time, and trying to explain to people who walk past my office and see me squatting and doing bird impersonations against the wall can be a bit embarassing 😳

One thing I am really enjoying is the skipping. I’d like to continue doing this once I’m back out running as it is just a fantastic cardio exercise. I want to get to the point where I can skip for 30 minutes continuously. It really does work those calf muscles.

Saw CV for my weekly torture massage. It felt as if she didn’t have to work so hard on my muscles and they felt great afterwards. She mentioned that the area where my tear was feels alot smoother this week, which hopefully means that the tear is healing. 🙂

Had a bit of a lightbulb moment this morning. I mentioned that I hadn’t been using my abs to assist my glutes when doing any kind of exercise, and once I engaged them the glutes worked perfectly. I think the reason this has happened is that I didn’t really do any kind of core work once I stopped going to the gym at Christmas, and the muscles around my core (mainly stomach area) have become very soft and flabby, so of course getting them to help the old glutes out was just not going to happen until they got stronger.

Basically what I’m saying is that if I’d kept up my core strength I might not have had this calf problem in the first place, as my stomach muscles would still be strong and would have assisted the glutes, which menas that it would not have put pressure on the hamstrings to do all the work, which would not have put more pressure on the calves, and the calf would not have torn (phew, got there in the end!), but because I’ve become very lazy with my fitness, it was my own fault that it happened 😳 A bit hard to admit, but there you go!

I’m now working really hard on building up my core strength again, and also trying to remember to engage my abs with every exercise that I do. At least that way it should become second nature whenever I do any kind of exercise. This might take a bit of time to get the hang of (and remember to do) but I so do not want any more problems that stop me from running. I’ve learnt the hard way that I just can’t ignore all the other stuff that needs to be done so that I can run without injury!