Last night I got all my clothes ready for the gym. I wanted to to do the 6.15am spin class.

Hubby mentioned that I might be a bit sore after doing my 15km walk and roller skating. I poo pooed that idea, saying that it would be really good for my muscles to do the spin class and I shouldn’t be feeling too bad.

When the alarm went off at 5.45am this morning I realised that Hubby had been right….my muscles are really aching 😳 No spin class this morning!!

I have a massage booked for this evening, so I’m hoping that CV can do her magic and make me feel much better than I am right now 😦

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to the gym at all today as I’ve got some things I need to do at lunch time and Hubby is playing Squash this evening. Might actually pull the finger out and get my little home circuit set up instead 🙄

Took this photo on Friday night as I was coming out of work.