Exercise: 15km Power Walk – Home to MMCT and back Home (6’s)

My plan was to do a 2 hour power walk this morning, but had no definite route planned, just to walk out the front door and see where it takes me.

I knew that Michelle was going to do her long run today and she’d mentioned running over to MMCT and back, so I thought I’d head over there and see if I might catch up with her. And catch up with her I did, which was great. We also caught up with Em along the trail too, which was doubly nice 🙂

I was gone a bit longer than I had anticipated, and I walked further than I’d set out to do too, but all up it was great to wander along my favourite trail. I had an old boy stop me so that he could talk to me about the ducks that had moved upstream for some reason. 😯

I also noticed that lots of trees have been cut down (or they’ve fallen down and have been cut up), probably because of all the high winds we’ve been having lately.


Gav was very excited when I pulled him out of the drawer this morning. He’s been very neglected lately and I think the excitetment might have been a little bit too much for him today as he died on me with about 1km left to go 😦

My muscles are all feeling a little bit tender at the moment, probably due to the skipping and stepper on Friday night, the Pilates yesterday morning and my long walk this morning. Hopefully they’ll settle down a bit tonight 🙄

Alana and I went Roller Skating this afternoon, and my legs were saying why, why, why!!! The shins certainly got a good workout, that’s for sure, and they were probably the only part of my legs that hadn’t been hurting before 🙂

Here’s a picture I took of Alana, who had two little boys “chatting her up”


Alana’s Quote: “You really love running don’t you Mum?”