Exercise: Pilates Class

Thought I’d try out what I thought was a Yoga class this morning, only to find out that it was a Pilates class. Okay then, let’s give that a go instead then 🙂

Don’t you just hate when an instructor can’t get to a class on time. This one, I was told by a couple of the other girls who do the class regularly, has never been on time since she started taking the class. How piss poor is that 😡 Especially as I have to leave before the end of the class so that I can get home, showered and ready to take Alana to Roller Skating.

She starts off by asking if everyone has done Pilates before, which I have, albeit a very long time ago. She then mentions that this is an intermediate class 😯 Going through the back of my mind already is a little voice telling me that I’m going to be very sore tomorrow.

The instructor was one of those ones who does the move once, then gets up and watches all the class do it. Very lazy if you ask me, especially as I like to check and make sure that I’m actually doing the move properly by checking what the instructor is doing. It looked like she’d only just got out of bed as her hair hadn’t been brushed and she looked a bit of a mess. She may have not even gone to bed for all I know, but come straight in from being out clubbing, gotten changed and then walked straight back out to take the class 🙂 Ah, those were the days 😉

It was all about the stomach. Everything involved tensing the stomach, no matter what the move was, but then I suppose that’s what Pilates is, isn’t it 😳

On to other things, Alana had her ears pierced today. She’s been talking about it for ages, but was a bit scared before. Today she had the confidence to do it, especially as a couple of her friends at Roller Skating have had theirs done and they told her how easy it was.

Of course once we got there, had picked out the earrings, paid, and was sitting in the chair with a girl at each side of her, the confidence seemed to evaporate and she decided she didn’t want it done. It was only after some gentle persuasion, being shown the little device that they use to push the earring through her ear and a bit of bribery that she eventually sat still long enough for them to do it. And of course once it had been done, Alana realised that it hadn’t hurt at all. I think she was a bit embarassed by the lilttle tantrum she’d put on in front of the girls, but it’s all over now and she has lovely little Ruby earrings in her ears 🙂


Alana’s Quote: “At least I know it won’t hurt when I get my ears pierced next time!”