Exercise: Circuit – Spin Bike, Skipping, Continuous Lunges Sumo Squats

I went to the Gym at lunchtime today to meet up with the trainer so that she could give me some exercises specifically designed to work the glutes and only the glutes. Went and got changed, only to discover when I went back to the reception area, that she had called in sick and another trainer was doing her shift. I enquired as to whether she knew what I was talking about when I mentioned writing up a program so that my muscles fired in the correct order and she looked at me blankly.

I explained exactly what the problem was and what I actually needed, and she kind of knew what I was on about. So she drags me over to the Smith Machine and has me doing squats with a fairly heavy weight on the bar. This seemed to be the only exercise she knew, and it was only when I questioned whether there were any other exercises that she actually had to think!! We did some Superman moves, and she gave my bum a good prod so that the glute muscles fired.

It was only when she turned me over and checked out my ab muscles that I realised these were the important ones to use. Me being the lazy person that I am, I just thought the muscles would do their own thing properly. When I actually used my stomach muscles, the glutes kicked in automatically – DOH!!!

So now I just have to do these exercises regularly, along with all my stretches and things should improve with my calf 🙂

I went back to they gym after work, as Hubby was able to go and pick Alana up, leaving me with enough time to do a workout. I did my little circuit, which involved the spin bike, skipping rope and lunges and squats. It didn’t take long to get a good sweat up, and I was absolutely knackered after the first set of lunges 😳

It was only after doing the third set that I started to feel a twinge in my achilles area when I was skipping. And it was the skipping that I was enjoying the most too, although I also loved standing up and riding the spin bike with a good amount of tension on it!!

Jumped onto the stepper for 10 minutes, making sure that I was on my toes while stepping. I know my calves are going to be very sore tomorrow. Must remember to put some tiger balm on them and wear my Skins to bed tonight.

Finished off by doing some more squats on the Smith Machine, some more Superman stretches and then working those ab muscles some more with situps.

I’ve decided to venture into the Yoga class tomorrow morning. Wish me luck 🙂