Today is an enforced rest day due to personal matters. Well, when I say personal matters I was asked by one of my girlfriends if I’d drive her to the hospital as she has to go in as a day patient and was not allowed to drive home. She had to be at the hospital at 7am, so we had to leave early to get there.

I then went and picked her up at lunchtime as she wasn’t allowed to drive home, so I couldn’t get to the gym either before work or at lunch time. And I’ve got my buddy Jojo coming over tonight, which is much more important than going to the gym, so as I said, an enforced rest day 🙂

And if you’ve had enough of my sunset photos, here are a couple I took this morning of the sunrise!!



I’m excited….there is a Boost Juice Bar opening up at Chirnside Park – YAY!!!! I know what I’ll be having as my regular lunch now 🙂 (yes I know, small things etc……)