Exercise: 30 Mins Weight Session

I went back down to the gym at lunchtime today. Haven’t really had the motivation to do this of late, but it’s slowly coming back now, especially as I’m getting closer and closer to being able to run again. Unfortunately my relationship with Miss Motivation is definitely not as awe inspiring or captivating as Tuggeranong Dons. Ours is more of a domination thing, with both of us pushing each other to the limits to see who can outdo the other 🙄

It was busier at the gym than I thought it would be. It seems to go through phases where it’s either very empty of quite full. I’ve booked an appointment with one of the better personal trainers there so that she can update my program. My massage therapist recommended that I get a program written up that encourages the muscles to fire in the correct order. Yep, it seems that there is a correct firing pattern for muscles, especially when running. I think I mentioned previously that my lower back muscles and my hamstrings tend to do the majority of the work when I’m running, whereas my glutes are very lazy and don’t seem to want to do any work at all. I have been doing some exercise that CV gave me to engage the glutes but it hasn’t really done that much 😦

Had another physio session this evening. I’ve now got a nice little circuit program mapped out that will strengthen the calf more and add in some plyometric exercises. I just need to get back down to the gym now so that I can get stuck into it. It entails using a spin bike, a skipping rope, doing continuous lunges (jumping from one leg to the other) squats where you jump up in the air and then straight into a squat and then jump back up into the air etc., and also skipping. I’ve also been advised to use the stepper and try to remember to use the front of my feet, rather than the balls to step up and down. Hopefully my calf muscles will be so strong that there will be no way that it can tear ever again 🙂

Say hello to my latest addition. Saucony Trigon 4 Guides 🙂