Exercise: 30 Mins Cross Trainer, 20 Mins HiiT Session – Bike

Firstly I have to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Hubby.

My eye is slowly healing. I’m lucky that it didn’t get too bad and I haven’t got too much of a bruise, just a bit of swelling and some redness where my bags start 🙂 It only really hurts now if I touch the inner corner of my eye, and I only do that if I need to itch it and forget that it’s sore 🙄

I had a physio appointment yesterday, which was enlightening. The girl (and she was just a girl, probably no older than 21 or 22) gave my soleus a good massage, which hurt like hell, and then made me do some calf stretching, which showed that I have hardly any flexibility (nothing I didn’t know already) and she was astounded that I could even run, as it was so bad.

I have do lots of calf raises and dips, and an exercise called the “Drinking Bird” which is used to strengthen the glutes. It takes a bit of practice, but feels quite effective.

Okay, so I better let you all know how much I paid out for the treatment last week. For my Sports Doc consultation, ultrasound, xrays and yesterday’s physio appointment, I have forked out $436.65 😯 I cannot believe that a 5 minute ultrasound appointment (and it was literally 5 minutes) cost me $187.75.

When I went to Medicare to claim, all I got back out of the $436.65 was $186.35. So it actually cost ME, out of my own pocket, $250.30 😯 On the receipt that I got when they gave me back the money, it shows in a separate column how much the scheduled fee should have been, and I see that it’s not the government who is ripping me off but the radiology place and the doctor. How can they justify this? How can they get away with this? Why do we have to pay for the excess? Just not fair 😡

Okay, rant over 🙂

When I went and saw Harry Potter on the weekend, there was also a preview of a new movie coming out called The Golden Compass. It’s a movie that I’ve added to my list of must see movies. Won’t be out until Christmas time though. The movie is from a book called “His Dark Materials – The Golden Compass”. There are 3 books in the set and it’s written by Philip Pullman. Might have to go and find it at the library and have a read before the movie is released.

Em, forgot to mention that Daniel Craig is the leading male 😉

Kathy, thought I’d better explain a bit more about Alana’s quote. She had just had a filling and her mouth was numb. She was looking inside to see if she could tell where the needle had been put into her gum and noticed the inside of her cheek 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Mum I’m just not in the right frame of mind at the moment!”