Exercise: Weights (Triceps, Biceps, Chest), Situps

Yes everyone, you can call me a Doofus!! I had an unfortunate accident yesterday morning. I was trying to get to the back door to put the recycled rubbish into the recycling bin and had to step very carefully around our dining table, which is on it’s side at the moment, with the legs sticking out, due to Hubby laying more tiles in the dining area. I was concentrating on trying not to step on any that had just been laid, as they hadn’t yet set, and walked straight into one of the dining table legs 😳

I am now sporting an ever growing bruise around my right eye. It looks as if somebody has punched me. I am very lucky that I’ve not suffered any real damage to the eye, which is amazing considering how hard I actually hit it. There is a small cut near my nose, but nothing too bad. I did see stars for a minute though 😯 I may take a photo tonight (just to embarass myself a bit more!!).

This morning’s gym session was pretty non-eventful. Just some weights and some situps. My shins are a little bit tender from doing all the walking on Sunday, as are my hip flexors. It’s amazing how quickly our muscles stiffen up if we aren’t using them constantly.

I have decided that I am NOT going to watch Australian Idol this year. I’ve enjoyed watching Big Brother, but don’t want to get suckered into watching Idol as well. I’d rather spend the time going to the gym, which is what I am hoping to do. At least I know the gym will be fairly quiet at these times.

Aaaghhh, have just received an email saying that there is a chocolate charity box in the kitchen…..note to self – keep away from kitchen!!

Alana’s Quote: “It looks like an old persons wrinkles” (she was explaining what the inside of her mouth looked like!)