Exercise: 12km Power Walk – Lilydale Lake (7’s Yellow)

Oh what a glorious morning for a walk. The only down side was that I had to scrape the ice off my car before I could drive down to Lilydale Lake. I had 3 layers on this morning and my fingerless gloves. I also wore my sun visor that I’d bought from the Gold Coast Marathon. I think that’s the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time as it’s a wool one and kept my ears nice and toasty.

After I’d done the first lap I had to take off my long sleeve top and the gloves as I got warm very quickly. Then it was another 2 laps of the lake, also incorporating the wetlands which added some more distance.

Originally I was going to walk along the Warby Trail, but decided that Lilydale Lake would be a better alternative as I wasn’t sure how far I was going to be able to walk and the car would be close by in case I had to bale early. It also meant that I didn’t have to carry water etc with me as I could leave it in the car and just stop at the car if I needed to hydrate. It also meant that I didn’t have to squat in the bush if I needed to go 😳

It was very busy at the lake, with every man and his dog out there. I have to say that there are some people who have no idea how inconsiderate they are. So I’ll give you an example (yes it’s my whinge for the day!!). The path around the lake is fairly wide, but certainly not wide enough for anyone to pass a family of 6 adults, 3 prams and 2 small children walking alongside the prams. They literally took up the whole of the path, with no thought or consideration as to how anyone else was going to get past them. Luckily they decided to stop and look at the ducks as I got near them, but it wasn’t until somebody coming the other way had to walk right around them on to the grass verge that they actually moved the pushers off the path, as they’d just left them in the middle of it and walked the kids over to the fence to see the ducks a bit more closely 🙄

I’ve put my compression socks on again today to make sure that the calves recover. My hips are feeling a little bit sore now, but I did stride out alot (well as far as my little legs could take them) and I did a few hills too – not big ones, but they were still hills 😯

Have been to see Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix this afternoon. Thorougly enjoyed it too. And what was all the hooha about the new book yesterday? I went to Eastland in the afternoon and walked into Angus & Robertson, expecting it to be very crowded with people wanting to buy the book, and there was nobody in there, and loads of books on the shelves. Why were all these people up at the crack of dawn, queuing to buy the book at 9am when the shops opened, when they could have stayed in bed and saved themselves all the hassle, and gone out to buy it at a normal time of the day, without the crowds?? I don’t get it?