Exercise: Spin Class

Don’t you just love a spin class where you can sing along to all the songs 🙂 Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but all the songs that we spin along to are 80’s songs and of course I knew ALL of them, although Bon Jovi and Poison were a bit hardcore for the class IMHO!!

The calf felt fine after the class, and I had a light bulb moment afterwards 😯 When I flew back to Australia in 2002, I bought some compression socks for the plane flight and they’ve been sitting in my sock drawer ever since, so I put them on and they have done wonders for my calves today. Not sure why I didn’t think of this before, as they’re perfect for sore, tired calves 🙄 Em, I may even follow your lead and run in them too (when I get back to running).

I went and did my supermarket shopping today and being the organised person that I am, I always load the conveyor belt so that it’s easy to pack all the right things in the right bags (I have green bags). Unfortunately today I had Mr Stupid on the checkout, who had no idea how to pack bags properly. I had to remind him that all the cold food should be packed in the cool bag that I’d provided him with and also for him to put all my cleaning products in a separate bag to my food products. Do the supermarkets not teach their staff how to pack bags properly? If not, why not? It’s only common sense really isn’t it? I mean, how hard is it to pack all the boxed stuff together and all the soft stuff together?

And while we’re in a whinging mood, why do people move right to the front of the checkout with their trolley or pusher before the previous person has finished their transaction. I had to physically push this woman’s pram back so that I could get to the card machine to pay for my shopping….come on people – please think about what a pain in the a*se you are!!

Okay, I’m off to Vodafone Arena with Michelle to watch Australia V New Zealand in Netball.

Alana’s Quote: “Yes but that’s not the point Mum!”