Exercise: 30 Mins Cross Trainer, 15 Mins Power Walk – Treadmill

D Day today…..but before I went to the Sports Doctor I thought I’d just try to run on the treadmill one more time just to make sure that the calf was still sore – and of course it still hurt. Not for the first couple of minutes mind you. No, it was once I’d upped the speed a little and put an incline on the treadmill. Looking back in hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do. When the treadmill was flat, the pain wasn’t there at all, but any kind of gradient and it hurts. Damn 🙄

The Doc had a look, had a bit of a feel, made me jump up and down, made me run on the treadmill (for all of about 5 seconds until it started hurting) then also mentioned in passing that I had a dirty big vein sticking out of my calf 😯

Then he made an appointment for me to get an ultrasound and an xray for later today. So I trot off back to work and just as I’m sitting down at my desk I get a phone call from the Radiology place asking if I can come in at 2pm (I was meant to be there at 3.30pm), so I quickly eat something (luckily I have little bags of muesli in my drawer) and then jump in the car and get myself down to the Radiology place.

Once I’ve had the ultrasound and x-ray I have to then head back to work. I was asked by the Doc to come straight back over once I’d got the xrays etc, but I was told that the Radiologist is about 1.5 hours behind, so I had to go back later to pick the results up. I decided that I’d wait until the Radiology place is nearly closing and then go straight over to the Docs place. This also meant that I could finish work early 🙂

So I go pick up the results and once I’m back in the Docs office he has a quick look and confirms the worst…..Yep, I have a tear in my soleus 😦 I’ve got an appointment with the Sports Physio on Tuesday and then back to the Doc on Friday for some Dry Needling.

The Doc has, however, said that I can do any other sport that doesn’t involve me having to go up and down on my toes, so I can still power walk, do spin classes, use the bike, crosstrainer and the ski machine thingy. And of course there’s always my best friends, WEIGHTS!! 🙄

I also want to get a second opinion from CV (not about what’s wrong but about recovery). Having just done a google search about Soleus muscle tears, most of what’s written is what CV told me I should be doing when I went and saw her 3 weeks ago 😳

Oh well, at least now I know what’s really wrong, not just guessing. And I can still do the majority of exercise that I enjoy, so it’s not all bad.

So, who wants to guess how much today’s little outing cost me? For whoever gets the closest, I’ll send you a packet of Sports Jelly Beans (well I’m not going to need them any time soon am I!!).

Sadly it also means that I won’t have enough time to get properly fit and ready for the Half Marathon in October 😦 Someone else will have to take over driving the booze bus – any takers? I may still do the 10km if I’m given the nod nearer the time.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum, what IS wrong with you today” (I was singing a silly song)