Exercise: 30 Min Power Walk (Treadmill), 10 Min HiiT session (Bike), Situps

My motivation has gone AWOL again 😦

I have had every intention of getting up and going to the gym every day this week but unfortunately it just hasn’t happened, mainly because I’ve been sitting up late of an evening and then feeling too tired when the alarm goes off at 5.45am. This morning I was determined that it wasn’t going to happen again, so as soon as I woke up I just got out of bed before my brain could try and coax me into going back to sleep!!

My body is screaming at me from the inside “Run, run, run” whenever I get on the treadmill and I have to really fight the urge not to up the pace. I’m also paranoid that I’ll do more damage if I do run.

My appointment is tomorrow with the Sports Doctor and I am hoping like crazy that he’s going to tell me lots of good things, not bad ones 😦 I just want to be able to run, that’s all. Not too much to ask really is it??

Michelle has bought me a fantastic book. It’s called the Diet & Exercise Diary and it’s got a year’s worth of pages in it, so I can track and write all about my food, exercise, moods etc. I think that Michelle bought it from Avon. Haven’t seen it anywhere else though.

Weight is still an issue. Must pull my finger out and get that blood test done that I spoke about last week.

Now what’s the deal with all the freezing cold weather?? I know that it’s winter and all but for goodness sake, does it have to be THIS cold 😯 If the cloud ever lifts off the top of Mt Dandenong, I’m sure that I’ll be able to see the snow that’s been falling there. It’s literally on my back door step!! I even had to pull my winter coat out to wear because I was absolutely freezing.

I suppose there is some good in not being able to run…..not having to run in this freezing cold weather – I can just hear myself going on and on about how cold it was if I was running. I’ve spared you all my whinging and whining 🙂

I’ve found a great circuit program which takes 4 minutes – yep, 4 minutes all up. I suppose you could do however many circuits of it to make up the minutes, but it’s pretty intense as it is. It’s by a guy called Ryan Lee. I subscribed to something of his ages ago and I get these emails with different exercises to do. The 4 minute circuit one really caught my eye as the exercises are very basic so even I can do them without too much difficulty 🙄

Does anyone watch Ugly Betty? I never got into it when it started and of course if I don’t see the first episodes then I don’t bother watching it at all. Luckily my Dad has downloaded the whole series (so far) and I now have 23 episodes to watch 😯 I’ve managed to get through the first 15 and I’ve really enjoyed them. Just need to find the time to watch the rest of the episodes now!!