Exercise: 23.5km Bike Ride

When I went to bed last night I could hear the rain on the next door neighbours garage roof….not something I really wanted to hear considering I’d agreed to cycle with Michelle this morning while she did her long run.

Luckily the rain had passed when I got up. Met Michelle at Westerfolds Park and we made our way onto the Yarra Trail. It was quite chilly so I was rugged up with my skins under my trakkie pants, my gloves, scarf and my lovely warm sun visor that I’d bought from the Gold Coast Marathon. I’d also been really smart and made up a thermos of coffee which I put in the rucksack….great idea J, if I do say so myself 🙂

Didn’t take too long to warm up as there were hills spaced out fairly evenly along the trail. It was quite busy too. One thing that really ticked me off were these stupid men on their racing bikes who came zipping up behind us without any warning. Is there something wrong with their bells – did they even have bells on their bikes? 😡 It got to the point where I’d yell out “BELL” everytime one of them flew past me without any warning. Luckily I have good hearing and knew when they were behind me so I could move over!

I did something that maybe in hindsight I shouldn’t have done 😳 When we got back to the car park I did a really small run (maybe 15 seconds) to see how my calf was. Now just to get some perspective on this, I have not run at all since the 26th June. There is no pain in my calf at all now and I can stretch without any kind of twinge. I can also use the stepper, cross trainer, bike, and walk on the treadmill with no problems at all. However after running for that 15 seconds I could feel the pull in my calf again. And this evening it is quite tender too 😦

My appointment with the Sports Doctor is this Friday so I’ll take my trainers along so that he can see what happens when I run (if he wants me to do this). I’m just so frustrated now…..OMG, what if I can’t ever run again 😯 Nope, just doesn’t bear thinking about!

I had a bit of disappointing news on Thursday. I’d applied for a job a couple of weeks ago as a Trainer for EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems). I had a phone call to say that I wasn’t successful, which was a bit disappointing as the job was in the CBD and I was hoping to be able to do some running around the tan if I’d got the job…..that’s if I ever get to run again!

As you can probably tell, I’ve not done any exercise since Tuesday. I haven’t felt very well for the last few days and I had Thursday off work as my head felt like it was going to explode. All of my sinus passages were so blocked up that it was painful to breathe, and I could only really do that through my mouth. In the past I used to take a couple of Actifed tablets, but because Actifed had quite a high dose of Sudoephedrine in it, they are not making it any more, so I’m stuck with Sudofed, which really doesn’t do much at all.

I’m planning on getting to the gym for an early Spin class in the morning so I’d better get myself off to bed soon so that I get some decent sleep. Night all 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Aah, what lovely bum perfume I have!” 😯 😳