Exercise: 20 Mins Bike, 10 Minutes Stepper

I did a HIIT session on the bike this morning. I wanted to see how hard it is on the bike. Michelle and I have done it whilst running and it’s pretty hard work and I have to admit that the bike is just as hard. I warmed up for 5 minutes, then did the 8 second fast, 12 second recovery for 7 minutes straight, then had a 2 minute cruise, then back into it for the last 6 minutes. It felt good at the end.

Had a bit of trouble once I got on the stepper though. I only got 10 minutes through the program and I had to stop. Was feeling very faint and shaky so had to get off. Took me a little while to recover. Made the decision not to continue, so did some situps instead. Not sure why I felt like this, maybe because of the exertion on the bike?

Forgot to mention something that happened at the airport on the way home. We were just going through the bit where you get your bag scanned before you can get into the departure lounge and I’d already had the bag scanned and then just as I was about to move on this security woman calls me over and wants to do a drug swab search on me and my bag 😯

Why did she pick on me? Do I look like a druggie? Luckily it came up clear (phew).

I’m hooked on a new type of Yoghurt. It’s called Blissfull. It’s actually Fromage Frais rather than Yoghurt and it’s just divine. I’ve tried the Mulberry and the Passionfruit one and they’re both lovely. Got them in Safeway.