Exercise: Saturday – 7.5km Power Walk (7’s Blue)
Sunday – Loads of walking

It seems so long ago already! Grab a cuppa and put your feet up as this is going to be a long post.

Michelle and I had a wonderful time in Qld. It was about 4.30pm when we landed at Coolangatta and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. So different from the weather in Melbourne that we’d left behind, that’s for sure!! The view from the plane when we got our first view of the coast was just amazing.

We managed to get our bags without too much effort, then picked up the keys to the hire car (a little Getz) and made our way out onto the highway – and joined the peak hour traffic heading up the coast 😦 I’m sure it never used to be THAT busy!

Having lived on the Gold Coast for nearly 4 years from 1989 to 1992, I was pretty confident that I knew how to get to the Caravan Park that we were staying at. And it didn’t take us long to chuck all our gear inside the cabin then head off to find food and alcohol 🙂 We settled back in comfortably for the evening to watch Big Brother.

Saturday dawned a bit overcast, but there were glimpses of blue sky amongst the cloud. I was having a few problems actually moving my limbs as they had gone into lockdown due to the Pump class that I’d done the day before.

We decided to get out fairly early and go for a power walk to help the poor muscles and also to keep Michelle’s legs ticking over. It was so nice to walk next to the beach, enjoying the view and trying to find the place where we were going to meet Schtumpy and Tiger Boy for lunch after the Marathon. Loved the Pelicans, who were so close to the edge of the water.

Once back we had a bit of down time while we read the paper and had brekky. We then showered, dressed and headed over to Harbour Town, which was literally next door to the Caravan Park 😀 We had only entered one shop when we got a call from Schtumpy to say that he was down at the Marathon Expo, so we turned around and headed back to the car to make our way down there.

Met up with Schtumpy and also bumped into Tiger Boy and his family in the Expo tent while Michelle was getting her race pack. We headed back over to Australia Fair Shopping Centre and met Schtumpys wife Julie and her friend Emily and sat down to have a good natter and a MilkShake (which took over 30 minutes to arrive at the table 😡 )

Drove back over to Harbour Town so that we could finish what we started. If you’ve never been to Harbour Town it’s massive, and was full of outlets with huge SALE signs. If only I needed more handbags, shoes and clothes 😳 Met Emma while we there and got to meet her sister too. She pointed us in the direction of Converse, but was a bit disappointed as they were nearly out of their range of Saucony trainers. The sales girl said that once they’d sold all the old Saucony trainers they were getting in a whole new range. Looking forward to that 🙂

Decided to go to the Cinema that evening so that Michelle had something to concentrate on other than the Marathon. We watched Clubland, whch was okay….nothing really to write home about though. We also ate dinner at Fasta Pasta, and bought pick’n’mix from a fantastic lolly shop just around the corner from the cinema. Anyone ever had choc coated Strawberry Creams – YUM!

The alarm goes off at 5am and we’re both up and organised before 5.30am (that’s a first for me!!). Even at 5.45am there’s a huge queue of traffic trying to get into the car park. To be fair, it was fairly orderly and the queue moved pretty quickly. As soon as we walked into the Shopping Centre (we were parked in the Shopping Centre car park) realised that Gloria Jeans was open – YAY!!! So with a large Skinny Latte in hand, we wandered around to the Food Court, which is where alot of people were milling around. As usual the queue for the Ladies toilet was out the door 🙄


Wandered over to the start line so that we could see the Half Marathoners take off and then it was Michelles turn. Once she’d run off, I wandered back over to the shops and grabbed a Boost Juice (Banana Buzz – YUM!) and then decided to walk down towards Surfers. The sun was out and it was just wonderful. Sat for a while admiring the view right on the edge of the water (there was a lovely seating area).


Half Marathon

Marathon Start

End of the queue

Waters Edge

Walked back up to the 26km mark and saw Tiger Boy race by looking great, followed shortly after by Schtumpy, also looking good. Somehow or other I missed Michelle running past, even though I was looking the whole time. I videod all the 3.45 bus, 4hr bus, 4.15 bus and the 4.30 bus but she wasn’t in any of them 😦 (For anyone who doesn’t know, a bus is just a pacer with lots of people running behind him trying to keep up!) Caught up with Em, who was there to support her Brother and Sister. She hadn’t seen Michelle go by either! I was hoping dearly that nothing bad had happened to her and she’d pulled out.

In no time at all the first of the Marathoners were crossing the finish line, so I found a good spot and waited for everyone to run past. Schtumpy ran past first, looking very relaxed. Then Tiger Boy passed, unfortunately not looking in great condition. I raced back to the car and grabbed Michelle’s bag with all her after Marathon stuff in it, and couldn’t get back to the same spot in time to see her pass by. I raced around to where they all come spilling out of the chutes after they’ve been given their medal and t-shirt and caught up with her there.


Tiger Boy

And how proud am I of this woman. She went up there with a goal of doing the Marathon in under 4 hours and that’s just what she did. 3 hrs 57 mins something! There’s nothing that this woman can’t do, she’s just awesome 🙂

It was then a dip in the water for her tired legs, a change of clothes and then we drove up to where we were having lunch. Because the main road was closed for the Marathon, we had to try and navigate around back streets to park close to the cafe (which was on the road that was closed 🙄 ). Finally got there!!

Tired Legs


After lunch we drove back to the cabin and chilled out for a while. Walked over to Harbour Town to get something for dinner and then relaxed in the cabin and watched Big Brother. A fairly early night too.

Unfortunately my internal alarm clock woke me up at 6am, so I laid in bed watching the sun come up (it rises earlier in Qld) and listened to all the noisy birds. Once we were both up we packed up, ate brekky and drove back down to the airport…..okay, we stopped at Jupiters Casino for a little flutter on the way to the airport 😳

The weather was wonderful. I didn’t want to get on the plane to come home, I wanted to find a nice beer garden somewhere on the beach and sit down in the sun and just stay there!! I remember now why I loved living up there 🙂

Beautiful Weather

In the words of The Terminator – “I’ll be back!”