Exercise: Pump Class

Yep, I got up and went to a 6.15am pump class this morning – and on a day when I didn’t have to get up until about 8am 😯

I really enjoyed the class, but unfortunately it brought home to me (with a big thump) that I seriously need to lose some weight as I had to look at my reflection in the mirrors 😳

Still haven’t packed yet 😯 I took Alana to school, then raced over to the supermarket to grab some food so that hubby and Alana didn’t starve over the weekend. Have just had my shower and am now starting to look at what I need to take with me. It’s only 20kg baggage allowance isn’t it? 😳

I’m hoping to get some power walking in whilst I’m up in Qld, so have put clothes for exercise in the pile. Looking forward to walking on the beach (in the sun!). 🙂

I know that Michelle is very nervous. I’m sure once we’re up there she’ll settle down and start to enjoy herself. May just have to get a few drinks into her tonight so that she relaxes.

And yes, Eat Em, I’ve got my drinking clothes sorted 🙂

Just on a final note, I may be perimenopausal. I can put a big tick next to most of the symptoms, which is why my weight has ballooned rapidly over the last 6 months and why I never seem to be happy (hubby can testify to that). Hmmmm, might need to look into this more closely.

Talk to you all next week 🙂 I’m leaving on a jetplane…..(must pull finger out and get organised now or I’ll miss said jet plane!!)