Okay, I know that we need the rain, but this is just a bit over the top! It has not stopped raining for one minute today. I had to go over to the shopping centre at lunch time and I got absolutely soaked, and I was parking undercover too!! It was getting from the office to the car that I got the soaking, and of course getting back to the office from the car.

I’ve got a bit of water tank envy too. Our next door neighbours had a huge water tank installed when they moved back into their house (they had rented it out for a long time). It’s now totally brimming over with water. We want to get a couple put under our house, and today would have been the ideal time for them to fill up. Oh well, we’ll get organised soon 🙄

Okay, here’s a question for you. Why do people drive with their fog lights on when it’s not foggy? Is it some kind of “in” thing? All it does for me is blind me when somebody is coming towards me with headlights and fog lights blazing!

I bought the latest issue of Good Taste magazine on Monday and it’s got some great recipes in it. I made the Creamy Chicken & Cheese Gnocchi last night and a Beef and Red Lentil Curry tonight (which was delicious). Here’s a photo of the Gnocchi.


We had a couple of visitors to our garden on the weekend. Does anyone know what type of bird they are? They seemed quite tame as we could get up quite close to the tree to take photos.



And now my news that I coldn’t say much about earlier in the week. I’m going up to the Gold Coast this weekend with Michelle to cheer her on while she runs her Marathon. Her Hubby can’t go now so I’ve jumped at the chance. It should be a really good laugh and I get to meet some of the Qld Ausrunners too 🙂 I just hope the weather is better up there than down here…..now what should I pack???