Exercise: Weights (Back, Chest, Legs, Triceps), Situps

I was at the gym for 8am this morning. And again I tried to make the weight workout more of a cardio workout by using lighter weights and doing lots of reps.

There was hardly anyone in the gym at 8am, yet the spin class was full (it starts at 8.15am). How weird is that!! I’m not complaining though as it was great to be able to use each piece of equipment straight away without having to wait.

I realised that I’d worked the triceps pretty hard, when I had to wash Alana’s hair in the shower once I’d got home and my arms started shaking, as they were extended the whole time 😯

Ebay has copped a bit of a pounding over the last couple of days. Hope all the jeans that I’ve bought fit me 🙄

Right, must go and look after hyper kids. They sound like they are demolishing the bedroom 😯