Exercise: Weights

As you can probably tell, I haven’t done any exercise since Saturday 😳

This morning I made myself get out of bed and get down to the gym. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to concentrate on specific muscle groups, but ended up doing an all over workout, taking up Stu’s suggestion of making it more of a cardio session by doing lots of reps with lighter weights. I watched enviously as everyone else was either on the treadmill running or walking, or using the cross trainer or bike 😦

The calf is not sore any more to stand on, although I can still feel a little bit of pain if I push around the area.

I had to ring T**stra during my lunch break at home as I wanted to add on a Data Pack to my mobile phone. I had no problem getting through, once the automated woman’s voice had understood basically what I wanted to do. It was once I was speaking to an operator that the problems began. I told her what it was that I wanted to do and she informs me that she’s not the right person that I need to speak to and can I hold on “a sec”. Why is it that I never get put through to the right person the first time!!

So I hold on for a sec….I’m still holding on 300 secs later 😡

Me being me, I hang up and start again, this time advising the automated woman that I want something different…..voila!! I’m put through to the right department 🙂 However, poor young Sean seems to be having a problem with my request, his computer is just not doing what it’s supposed to do. I’m asked again if I can be put on hold while he tries to fix it. Of course, I respond with a slightly menacing tone!! He’s back with me within about 1 minute and tells me alls been fixed and eveything should be fine.

Now I’ve never had a Data Pack before so I questioned if there was anything I should do. Yep, he says, just turn your phone off and then on again, and wait 30 minutes before trying it. Well I’ve now waited more than 30 minutes and of course I can’t connect with the Internet (which is what I wanted to do). Now what?? I can’t call them at work as the T**stra number is barred. Aaagghhhh!!