Exercise: Cross Trainer, Bike, Ski Machine (1 Hour)

You City folk have got it easy you know! It only got down to 3 degrees up there, yet over my way it was in the negatives. Take a look below.


I had to scrape ice off my windscreen before I could drive down to the gym. I didn’t actually have anything handy to scrape with, so I used some water from my water bottle that I was carrying and had the heater up full blast on the screen. I drove down to the gym peering through a little hole in the windscreen. Probably not the safest way to drive though.

While I was at the shopping centre yesterday I bought my weekly lotto ticket. Normally I buy all of my tickets (Saturday and Wednesday Lotto and 7 days worth of Keno) on a Saturday, but I forgot last Saturday and didn’t remember until yesterday. I was told that I’d won $25 on a Saturday ticket a couple of weeks ago, but could I find that ticket anywhere. I’ve now got to wait until the winnings get sent to me in the mail 😳

Did I mention that another one of Alana’s top teeth came out last Saturday. I really hope that her big front ones come through soon as it must be so hard trying to eat without all 4 front teeth. Whenever she smiles she looks like she’s forgotten to put her dentures in 😀

I’ve signed up with a new kind of “my space”. It’s called Facebook and it looks much easier to use than My Space. Just couldn’t seem to get into that at all. Happy to add you as my friend if you’re already signed up 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Geez Mum, just chill out will ya!” (I was having a little rage at the stupid driver in front of me)