Exercise: 30 Mins Crosstrainer, 3km Run (Treadmill) – (7’s Blue)

Back down to the gym this morning, due to Michelle having to start work early, and also that it was peeing down with rain, so running outside was not an option for me.

My legs are fairly sore from Sundays run, so I started off on the Cross Trainer. My legs felt okay after 30 minutes, so I ventured onto the treadmill. I found it really hard going, mainly because I didn’t have my music. I thought that my MP3 player was in my gym bag, which was in the car, but when I went to get it out, I realised I’d left it at home. The stupid thing was that I went to the drawer that I keep it in, but just didn’t see it as I wasn’t looking for it.

I drove past the local McDonalds on the way to work this morning and they are attaching a McCafe to it…..yippee!!! I love McDonalds Lattes, so now I can grab one on my way to work every day. 🙂

Alana had a very snotty nose on Sunday night, so I thought, what better time than now to try the cure for the cold. I slathered the Vicks on her feet, chucked some socks on her, and, hey presto, when she woke up on Monday morning she was fine…no more snotty nose 🙂 I also did it last night just to make sure that she’d be well enough to go to school today 😉

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I’d asked my Mum if she wanted to come up to town with me so that I could check out Converse to see if they had any Saucony trainers in my size that I could snap up in the 50% off sale that they’re having. She rang me yesterday morning to say that she wasn’t really up for it but she’d be happy to have Alana for the day so that I could have a day out on my own 🙂

I drove up to town, parked in the Casino car park and walked up to Spencer Street Station (which is where the new DFO is) and just ambled around all the shops. I’m very proud of myself too. I didn’t buy anything apart from my trainers 🙂 Okay, so I did buy Alana some new boots from Skechers, but in my defence, they were just so cute!!

I have realised that I have a lot of clothes 😳 I can go for at least 2 weeks (maybe a litle bit longer) without wearing the same thing twice. That also incluldes underwear and running gear. Does anyone else own this many clothes? Please tell me this is normal.