Exercise: Spin Class

I’d been told by someone I had seen at the gym this week that if I wanted to do this spin class to get there early as it’s very popular. So I got to the gym 10 minutes early and stood outside the door. And yes, I was the first in the line to get in when they opened at 8am (see how much I wanted to do this class!!).

And it was true, the class was indeed very busy. I’m sure that if it hadn’t been a long weekend that it would have been full (there were only 2 unused bikes). This class was never busy when I used to come down and use the gym on a Saturday morning. I can only guess that it’s the music that the instructor plays. It’s all great 80’s sing along music and the instructor really matches it up well with the type of exercise on the bike.

I wanted to take it a little bit easy as this is my first time back after 6 months, but of course I just got caught up in the music and what we were doing and ended up putting in 100%. I just hope that my legs aren’t too sore tomorrow as I’ve got a 20km run lined up 😯

Took Alana and a friend of hers to see Shrek 3 this afternoon. I know that it hasn’t had rave reviews but I found it very entertaining and giggled along at all the adult inuendos as well as the kiddy stuff. My only downfall was that I devoured a bag of white choc coated raspberry bullets while watching the movie 😳

There are a couple of new movies coming out that look really good. A sequel to Bruce Almighty called Evan Almighty, a fantasy movie called Stardust, which starts Michelle Pfeiffer, Sienna Miller, Robert De Niro and Ricky Gervais and The Bee Movie. Think we’re going to have to find a regular babysitter for Alana 😉

Alana’s Quote: Me: “I didn’t go to Uni”
Alana: “Yeah but you’re only a parent so you don’t have to go!”