Exercise: 5km Run (Treadmill), Weights (Triceps) (7’s Blue)

Still motivated!! I had a slight hesitation when the alarm went off this morning, but cast the thought aside and jumped out of bed…..okay so I didn’t exactly jump, more slid a little bit unwillingly out of my nice warm bed! But I went to the gym and that’s what counts, right 🙂

I tried to vary my run by alternating speed and then alternating gradient. I’m trying to get away from the “I must run a certain distance” thing as it puts way too much pressure on me to run hard and long. I’m just trying to enjoy the treadmill running so that I don’t get bored and not want to do it at all!!

Sitting here at my desk now, I’m finding that when I move I can feel my stomach muscles hurting. I can’t remember the last time that I did situps, so over the last 3 days I have tried to incorporate them into every session. Now whenever I laugh or bend over, they hurt 🙄 What do they say – No pain, no gain! (there is definitely pain at the moment, that’s for sure)

I’m back down to the gym at lunch time for my “induction”. I’m not sure how they’re going to induct me as I know the gym inside out already. And I’ve already got my gym program sorted (did it myself), so I’ll just go with the flow. I just hope I don’t get one of those nancy trainers who have no real idea of what I need to to to compliment my running and try and write a program which has no oomph to it, because I know that I’ll never follow anything that doesn’t interest me or give me something good to work towards.

Driving to work this morning I was travelling behind a car. Nothing really specific about it other than the fact it was driving at a decent speed, about the same as I was driving. We just about get to the top of this hill and all of a sudden he slams on his brakes. What was the reason I hear you all ask! Well that was my question as well (maybe not said as nicely though!). There was absolutely nothing in front of him that would make him slam those brakes on. I thought at first there might have been a car with a speed camera on the side of the road, but no, there was nothing. Why do these people do such inane things?????