Exercise: AM – 9.6km Run – MMCT (6’s)
Lunch – Weights (Back, Shoulders), Situps

I dressed for cold weather running this morning. T-shirt, Long Sleeved shirt, Long pants, Sleeveless Jacket, Fingerless Gloves, Ear Warmer and Cap. Happy to say that I ddin’t feel the cold at all 🙂 The run however was slow, as my muscles are a bit sore from using the cross trainer yesterday. This will improve I’m sure once I start using it regularly.

Back to the gym at lunchtime today for some more weight training. It’s amazing how quickly we lose our strength. Had to use pretty low weights to do the exercises. I love the fact that there’s hardly anyone in there at lunch times though.

And I got on the scales this morning to record my weekly weigh in weight for the Ausrun Forum Weekly Weight Loss Challenge and am happy to report that I’ve had a 600gm loss this week. And this is taking in the weekend and all the alcohol and food that I ate too 😳

I’ve changed my mind again about the Run to The G. Not going to do it now. As soon as I committed to it verbally I have felt this great weight on my shoulders, and as Michelle had decided not to enter it was an even bigger burden. So I made the decision not to do it. Just wish I could make up my mind sometimes….will I, wont I, will I wont I! 🙄