Exercise: 10 min Bike, 10 Min Ski Machine, Weights – Back

My girlfriend at work is a member of Fernwood and she gave me a guest pass, so I made the most of it today and went back to my former gym. It felt very comfortable walking back in there. There are all new machines now with the little video screens in each one and they’ve changed the gym around which utilises the space much better.

I have made the decision to rejoin, as long at they waive the joining fee. I know that I’ve got the equipment at home but for some reason it’s just so much easier to get to the gym, especially as I live and work literally 2 minutes away from it.

We’re off to Echuca this weekend for a nice family getaway. I’m hoping to get a couple of runs in while I’m there, although the weather forecast is not looking too good. Oh well, we’ll just wait and see when we get there 🙂