Exercise: 16km Run – Yarra Trail, Westerfolds Park (6’s)

Congratulations to everyone who picked that the photo was indeed of the You Yangs. It was taken whilst on our way to Apollo Bay last weekend. The top of the mountain was covered in a huge cloud and it looked awesome. Michelle and I will get over that way one day to run there.

Okay, so where did we run today?




It was a lovely morning for a run, not too warm, not too cold. The wind was a little blowy in places but certainly not as gusty as if we were running along the bay, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately today’s run highlighted that my glutes are pretty tight and are hindering me quite a bit when we run up hills and inclines. Might have to get over to see CV very shortly so she can give them a good massage. I’m also going to nip over to my Dads place and nick a couple of his golf balls, so I can have one at home and one at work. A golf ball is a much better size to sit on than a tennis ball and because it’s that bit harder, gets into the muscle better.

I’ve become addicted to these things

rice cakes

I was never a lover of rice cakes as they tasted just like cardboard. I was given one to try last week which was a Nacho Cheese flavour. OMG – they taste just like Doritos :-). I went to the supermarket the next day and they also had them in Salt & Vinegar flavour, so bought a packet of those. Unfortunately they didn’t last long 😳 Neither did the packet of Nacho Cheese ones that I had at home 😳 I suppose it’s not too bad that I’m replacing these for my normal chocolate intake so it can’t be all bad 🙄

Alana’s Quote: “I want my legs to be as strong as Mummy’s” 🙂