Exercise: 5km Run – Lilydale Lake (7’s Blue)

Hubby has decided that he’d like to add some running to his training program. He plays cup grade Squash. This was fine by me. So we headed out with Alana tagging along on her bike behind us. Hubby was hapy just to do one lap running and then another lap walking as he didn’t want to overdo it on his first run. I ran with him on the first lap and then did another one on my own.

It was a lovely afternoon and it wasn’t too busy either, which makes a change. I’d love to do this more regularly as it means that we’re doing things as a family and we’re all getting out and doing some exercise too 🙂

I made Pizza tonight. Hubby wanted a seafood one (yuck) and me and Alana wanted Hawaiian.

Before cooking


After cooking. Didn’t get a picture of the hawaiian as I’d cut it up before I remembered to take a photo!!


I didn’t want to drink too much as I’m running tomorrow morning so I just had a glass of red wine, which I’d bought for Hubby. It took me nearly all evening to drink the glass. I’m just not a red wine drinker (I know you’ll probably find it hard to believe 🙄 ).

Alana’s Quote: Hubby: “What did you say Alana?”
Alana: “One car” (she was playing on her Playstation)
Hubby: “Oh, okay. I thought you said something else!” 😀 (say “one car” fast and you’ll understand)