Exercise: 10km Run – Lilydale Lake (6’s)

Just a quick one tonight. Can’t miss Big Brother now can we 🙂

I met Michelle at lunch time today and we did 3 laps of Lilydale Lake, also incorporating the hill at the back of the lake. If ever I run the Lake it’s normally in the evening and is very busy, but today it was almost deserted and we had plenty of room on the trail.

It actually felt a bit chilly when I got out of the car. The sun hadn’t come out at that stage. Within about 10 minutes of starting, it got warm really quickly. Not sure if it was just because we were running or whether it actually warmed up, but it was really pleasant to run.

When I got back to work I realised that I’d had a 2 hour lunch 😳 Oh well, I’m sure they didn’t miss me at work anyway 🙄

Right, Big Brother calls 🙂