Exercise: Netball Game (6’s)

I think I prefer getting to the early games at Netball. Tonight’s game started at 6.45pm, which gives me enough time to pick Alana up from After School Care, get home, get changed, and walk back out the door to get to the stadium in time for the start of the game. No time to sit around and consider not playing. It’s the later games that really zap my motivatation. The 8.25pm game is the worst. I’m just starting to get comfortable at home and then have to try and find the energy to get out and do the exercise. At least it hasn’t started to get cold yet. Once the winter season starts it’s even worse 😦

We won our game again tonight, but the other team only played with 6 players after half time. One of their girls wasn’t feeling very well so came off the court. It was pretty even up until then, but we ended up winning by 8 goals. My finger is still a bit sore where I flexed it back at Netball last week but it didn’t really hamper any effort to play the game.

I missed most of Big Brother tonight. Saw a bit of the nominations but it wasn’t really very interesting. I want TJ out this week. She is just so awful to everyone and has a real attitude. Hopefully somebody will stand up to her and put her back in her place soon.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum you’re just not doing it right!” (I was trying to straighten her fringe)