Exercise: 20km Run – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. This morning I had a great run. Met Michelle at MMCT (after she’d run there from home) and we did 2 lengths of the trail. My glutes are still a little sore but my legs themselves felt really good.

I normally hit a bit of a wall at the 15km mark, usually because I haven’t eaten properly the evening before and have not hydrated well enough. Last night I made up some Pasta Bolognese and downed close to a litre of water. I’m sure this helped today.

Wasn’t the weather fantastic today too. After the run Hubby and I took Alana down to Lilydale Lake so she could have a play on the fantastic playground they’ve got there. But how busy was it!! I think every man and his dog were there!! We managed to find a park and then sat in the sun sipping on McDonalds Latte’s.

Have just enjoyed watching another riveting session of Big Brother. Can it get any better than this 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Never trust a man!!”